Courage and Vulnerability

The last cacao ceremony attended was 4/13 hosted by Southwest Atlanta Yoga at 785 Whitehall Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA.  The studio was a spacious, clean, and an inviting space.  And if you love Prince like I do you’ll feel even more resonance with their tribute to a man in touch with his Divine Feminine and Masculine.  Our facilitators that day were Nina Simone ( and Evanye Lawson (, ministering Shakti goddess grace.  You all held space beautifully.  Thank you.

About 15 people showed up for their higher selves (and that actually means raising the vibration for the sake of Unity Consciousness- All of Us – the Whole). Some of the resistance towards the unknown of a new experience was palpable on the newcomers but their divine guidance brought them this far so no fear based head chatter was stopping them *NOW*!  Vulnerability and Courage –  We showed up, we knocked, and we felt the shift of constant ego monkey mind chatter into the living heart coherence technologies within. This technology of cacao and breath work opens up the perceptions of heart coherence that we are often disassociated from in this busy city life. This technology is potent with Metta.  You literally see through the people’s animus and subconscious movements shift and you become a witness to heart openings and greater awareness of self and NOW. Encircled around by a beautiful community, amplified intentions, we partake of good medicine to walk in a good way with Spirit and all of our relations! That is the mother spirit, the goddess of Cacao, blessed with “it is good”.  Thanks to Great Spirit and  to everyone who contributed to the beautiful experience.  Gratitude to the angels, guides, ascended masters who are cheering us on.  Let compassion be the doorway and portal into Quantum Possibilities of Heaven on Earth Right Here Right Now. Each person had their own unique experience and there was a collective synchronicity also. 🙂

Stay tuned! I will be blogging about the Ancient Technology of Sweat Lodge during full Moons next!