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World Class Quality of Touch
Mobile session: $150 hourly
In office Session: $125 hourly
In-Office Sessions provided at Decatur Healing Arts or the Heal Center in Sandy Springs

Welcome to my professional massage services! With over a decade of experience as a business owner, I have been providing high-quality massages since 2008.

If you’re experiencing the effects of long or short-term stress, such as a stuck fight-or-flight response in your nervous system, massage can be a powerful tool for healing. I specialize in techniques that help open up space in your body, allowing fresh energy to flow and promoting overall well-being.

I have undergone diligent training in a variety of healing arts massage modalities, blending Eastern and Western techniques to create a unique and effective approach. By decreasing inflammation and increasing life-force energy, I aim to hold space for your healing and facilitate positive outcomes.

My sessions are an intuitive and vibrant expression of healing art. Whether you visit my sanitary and professional office space in Decatur or Sandy Springs, or prefer the convenience of mobile massage, I ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Feel free to search online for my 5-star reviews to learn more about the positive experiences my clients have had. Moreover, I utilize advanced techniques such as Chi-Prana-Bio-photons stimulation to remove blockages and stagnation in the body, taking your healing to the “next level.”

I have been trained in various styles, including Swedish, NMT, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Lomi-lomi, Chinese Craniosacral Therapy, and energy work influenced by Qi-Gong traditions. My diverse skill set allows me to tailor each session to your specific needs and preferences.

Thank you for considering my services. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a fantastic day!

LMT#005369 Hayden S Birch

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Eastern & Western Healing Modalities

  • Japanese Zen Face Massage: deeply relaxing, promotes a  more youthful a well-rested appearance by increasing relaxation & increased bloodflow.
  • Chinese Craniosacral:  amalgamation of Chinese 5 elements theory, traditional Craniosacral , Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, facilitates proper Qi flow, incorporates acupressure.
  • Thai Massage; Nuad Boran:  modified Thai massage for table sessions or using a traditional futon massage mattress.
  • Lomi-Lomi: Wave-like ocean flow – indigenous Hawaiian bodywork which can be translated as “The Dance of Massage” or “Breaking up of Knots”.
  • Western modalities: Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular/Triggerpoint Therapy,  & Swedish movement therapy.


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