I am fully Covid-19 vaccinated!

Massage therapy is assessment and treatment of soft tissue and subtle bio-energetics with mindfulness & lovingkindness.  Massage is effective for alleviating stress!

I blend principles and modalities from both Western and Eastern branches of study to bring the best value of bodywork and energywork (Prana; Chi; Qi; Bio-Energetics; Bio-photons; Life-force) to the table and session time.

Thanks for supporting the healing arts!

Served with Love,

Hayden Scott Birch LMT#005369
Healing Artist

Before Your First Session

Before beginning the session we’ll go over your medical health history, answer all of your questions, and set the intention and goals for the therapy session. Please openly communicate if you are feeling any discomfort or require more or less pressure or an adjustment of technique during session time. You may disrobe to your level of comfort. While on the table receiving work, you will be covered with sheets and blankets for with modesty and respect. If you get hot, cold, thirsty, or need to use the restroom please let me know and I can fix any of that. Again, any feedback is welcome and critical to tailoring your massage to best suit your individual needs.

Hayden Scott Birch LMT#005369